Tots Tower Toddler Playset

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What is the Premier Toddler Playset?

Our Tots Tower!

Our Tots Tower is the most versatile toddler playset on the market! With a 4-foot and a 5-foot, this toddler playhouse is suited for everybody in the family! This toddler playset is our most customizable platform.

Toddler Playset Features

  • 10′ waterfall slide
  • Expandable telescope
  • Captains Wheel
  • Exterior Ladder
  • Roof over the 5-foot deck

Toddler Playset Swing Options

Customize your toddler playset with our variety of swing configurations! Choose from one, two, three, or four swing configurations!

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Backyard Playset Gallery

playhouse swing upgrades

Toddler Playset Swing Upgrades

Each toddler playhouse we build is entirely customizable! The Tots Tower comes standard with belt swings, but you can upgrade them to fit your family’s needs! Check out our swing options page for more information or visit our Facebook for more playset pictures!

playhouse slide upgrades

Toddler Playset Slide Upgrades

Each toddler playset is equipped with a waterfall slide. You can upgrade your slide or add a second waterfall slide! For a more durable or exciting slide, upgrade your playset with one of our slide upgrades!

Why Purchase a Toddler Playset

Toddlers love playing on slides and swings at the park. What if you could create those same hours of fun in your backyard? A toddler playset will bring those happy screams to your backyard. Imagine no longer having to pack supplies and get your toddler ready for the park. A toddler playset in your backyard will erase the extra work and give your toddler hours of enjoyment in the outdoors!

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How to Find the Right Toddler Playset

Safety is at the forefront of a toddler’s parent’s mind. A good toddler playset with all the proper safety equipment, like balusters, keeps your toddler safe. Next, you need to consider the size of your backyard. If you have a smaller backyard, you won’t be able to fit a giant playset. Next, think about how long you want your toddler playset to last. Our pressure-treated toddler playsets will last for years. Purchase a playset that includes your toddler but has the upgrades so your toddler will not outgrow the playset in a year.

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How to Install a Toddler Playset

Toddler playset assembly and installation will take several days to complete, and you will need a second person’s help. What if you could skip the time required for playset assembly? You can! We deliver your toddler playset fully assembled to you in Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Plano, Arlington, Frisco, and the surrounding areas! All you need is a place for us to set the playset. Do you want a mulch play zone? We can build one so you don’t need to bother. Skip the hassle and order a fully assembled toddler playset today!

toddler playset with two slides

How to Purchase a Toddler Playset

Do you want to create core memories with your kids or your grandkids? We can help you make those memories! Start custom-building your toddler playset with our free quote tool on our website. Each toddler playset we build is customizable for your family’s needs. If you want to see the newest toddler playset we built, visit our Facebook page. Give us a call at 817-637-4437 if you would like more information or if you want a custom toddler playset option that we don’t have listed.

We are very happy with our purchase!

We are very happy with our purchase! Our play set for our daughter is phenomenal! Great quality and durability. Our daughter will have years of fun. Great customer service by the owner. He was very helpful in customizing the perfect play set. Would highly recommend Quality Playscapes!

Maricela G

What Makes A Quality Playscapes Toddler Playset So Special?

  • Low Maintenance

We stain and water-seal your toddler playset to resist rot and pests.

  • Locally Built

Each toddler playhouse is locally built in Alvarado, Texas...not China!

  • Fully Customizable

Each toddler playset is custom manufactured1

  • No Assembly Required

We will deliver your playhouse fully assembled to your home!