Cabin Playhouse Swing Set Tower

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Looking for a top-of-the-line playhouse swing set?

Our Cabin Playhouse Tower is for You!

The Cabin Playhouse Tower has all the best features of a double-story playhouse swing set contained in one wowing package! It features two stories that are 6’ x 12’ big. Customize with an electrical package for the ultimate kid’s playhouse! We offer Rent-To-Own plans so you can purchase any playhouse you desire!

Playhouse Swing
Set Features

  • 10′ waterfall slide
  • 6 Tempered Glass Windows
  • 2 Doors
  • Interior and Exterior Ladder
  • Telescope
  • Captains wheel

Playhouse Swing
set Options

Customize your playhouse with different swing configurations! Choose from one, two, three, or four swing configurations!

play house swing set

Playhouse and Swing Set Gallery

playhouse swing upgrades

Playhouse Swing Set

Each playhouse swing set we build is entirely customizable! The Cabin Playhouse Tower comes standard with belt swings, but you can upgrade them to fit your family’s needs! Check out our swing options for more information.

playhouse slide upgrades

Playhouse Swing Set Slide Upgrades

Each standard playhouse swing set is equipped with a waterfall slide. You can upgrade your slide or add a second slide. View our slide upgrades to see all the options!

Why Purchase a Playhouse Swing Set Tower

Your kids and grandkids need physical activity to stay healthy. You might want to get your child a playground or a playhouse to encourage them to enjoy the outdoors. Why not purchase a playhouse swing set? This swing set tower features all the accessories for your kid’s dream playground. Your kids will spend hours outside playing in the Cabin Playhouse.

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How to Find the Right Playhouse Swing Set

The best playhouse swing set for you depends on the size of your backyard. If you want the ultimate playhouse, the Cabin Playhouse is the answer. The Cabin Playhouse is best for larger areas since it is one of our largest swing set towers. The Cabin Playhouse features two floors, doors, windows, and internal and external ladders. Customize your playhouse with an electrical package and our other playset upgrades. Custom design the Cabin Playhouse and you will have the right playhouse and swing set for you. If you are looking for playhouses for sale in Plano, Dallas, Frisco, Arlington, Irving, Fort Worth, and the surrounding area, we would love to help!

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How to Install a Playhouse Swing Set

If you purchase a playhouse swing set from a big box store or an online supplier, you will need to assemble it yourself. You will need to wire it yourself and install the lights. Building a playhouse t takes a long time and effort. Why bother when you can purchase a ready-assembled swing set that gets delivered to your home? If you buy from Quality Playscapes, your Cabin Playhouse will arrive assembled and ready for fun!

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How To Purchase A Playhouse Swing Set

Are you ready to create family memories that last a lifetime? Families that play together create bonds that last a lifetime. Spending time with your kids in their impressionable years will create core memories and change their lives forever. A playhouse swing set is a tool for your family to use while creating those memories. You can start designing your custom swing set using our free quote tool on our website. If you would like to see the latest swing sets we built, visit our Facebook page. Call us at 817-637-4437 if you want more information or have further questions.

We are very happy with our purchase!

We are very happy with our purchase! Our play set for our daughter is phenomenal! Great quality and durability. Our daughter will have years of fun. Great customer service by the owner. He was very helpful in customizing the perfect play set. Would highly recommend Quality Playscapes!

Maricela G

What Makes A Quality Playscapes Swingset So Special?

  • Low Maintenance

We stain and water-seal your playhouse to resist rot and pests!

  • Locally Built

Each playhouse for sale is locally built in Alvarado, Texas...not China!

  • Fully Customizable

Each playhouse is manufactured to fit our customer's needs!

  • No Assembly Required

We will deliver your playhouse fully assembled to your home!