Custom Playset Addons

At Quality Playscapes, we will build a custom playset tailored to your family’s needs! Add custom playset swings, slides, and accessories in four custom colors, green, blue, burgundy, and yellow! To customize a playset, contact us or fill out a quote request.

Custom Playset Swings

custom playset swings

Our standard playset comes with belt swings. Choose from four swing colors, blue, green, yellow, and burgundy. Also, you can upgrade the belt swings to one of our other options.

Custom Playset Slides

custom playset slides

Our standard playset slide is the 10′ waterfall slide. Do you want a more exciting slide or a more durable slide? Choose one of our playset upgrades or add a second waterfall slide!

Custom Playset Slide Upgrades

All playsets manufactured by Quality Playscapes are customizable! Each playset comes with a waterfall slide as the standard playground slide. You can replace the waterfall slide with one of our upgrades or add a second slide for even more fun! Are you ready to build a custom slide? Check out our options below, then submit a quote to create your custom playset!


waterfall slide

Standard slide option.
180-pound weight limit.



Recommended for high use.
300-pound weight limit

Straight Tube

straight tube slide copy

Our fastest slide!
Loved by all age groups.

90 Degree Tube

90 degree tube slide

High-grade slide!
Well suited for small areas.

Twister tube

twister tube slide

Lots of turns!
Gentler than the Spiral Tube Slide.

spiral tube

spiral tube slide

Turbocharged slide!
Not recommended for toddlers.

Custom Playset Swing Upgrades

All playsets manufactured by Quality Playscapes are customizable! You can upgrade the playground swings to extract the most fun from your playset! Our playsets feature belt swings as our standard playground swings, but you can upgrade them to the playground swings we have listed below! Our playground swings are available in four colors, blue, green, yellow, and burgundy!

Dual Glider

dual glider

Great for sharing!
Replaces one belt swing.

Web Swing

web swing

Great to lay on!
Replaces one belt swing.

Surf Swing

dsc 0133

90° to the other swings.
Replaces one belt swing.

Adult Swing

adult swing

Wider than Belt swings.
Replaces one belt swing.

Disc Swing

disc swing

Enjoy lots of spins!
Replaces two belt swings.

Baby Swing

baby swing

Designed for small children.
Replaces one belt swing.

Tire Swing

truck tire swing

Car or truck tire swing.
Takes two playground swings.

Super Tire Swing

super tire swing

18-wheeler tire swing.
Takes the place of 3 playground swings.